More Than Weddings | Wedding week coordinator
Siete già nel pieno dei preparativi del vostro matrimonio, si sta avvicinando il grande giorno e avete paura di non riuscire a coordinare tutti i servizi a cui avete pensato. Penseremo noi a tutto, prendendo in mano le redini della situazione, gestendo gli imprevisti e permettendovi di arrivare al giorno dell’evento rilassati e tranquilli.
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Wedding Week Coordinator


Are you in the middle of your weeding preparations and unable to manage some unforeseen events?


You are already in mid-preparation for your grand day and the occasion is looming.  Are you afraid of not being up to the task of coordinating all the services that you had in mind? Or you’ve had an unexpected problem with one of your suppliers and you’ve no idea about what steps to take next. Our “wedding week coordinator” service is for you. We’ll have all your angles covered so you’ll get to your big day calm and relaxed.