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Nata e vissuta al Lago di Garda, splendido scenario in cui si mescolano popoli e culture da tutto il mondo. Sono cresciuta col turismo, che mi ha aperto la mente e ho avuto la fortuna di confrontarmi con moltissime culture internazionali, approfondendo la mia conoscenza delle lingue straniere, mia grande passione. Proprio al Lago di Garda mi sono perdutamente innamorata della lingua e cultura tedesca, vivendo un’esperienza unica durata quattro anni in Germania.
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“Dona a chi ami ali per volare, radici per tornare e motivi per rimanere”

Born and raised in Lake Garda, the beautiful scenery which combines people and cultures from around the globe. I was brought up with tourism, which has opened my mind. I had the good fortune to compare myself with many international cultures, thus deepening my knowledge of foreign languages – my great passion.

I fell madly in love with the German language and culture right by Lake Garda and also by living a unique experience that lasted four years in Germany. I’m truly in love with love, and since childhood, I have always believed in love, and I am living the experience of love with my own soul.

I love in a crazy way, but what is called madness for others is, for me, the only way to love. I’m a lover of life – I love it! I love it in all its colours and every day I try to extract every nuance. There is life on a plate of food, in a painting, the scent of flowers, the flight of a bird, and in the kisses of my pet dog. For me, the love of animals is one of the noblest forms of love.

I love creativity, extravagance. I always look for originality; that something special that sets us apart, taking away that grey monotony. During my university studies, I worked in the field of fashion and film for many years towards a degree in journalism, together with my boundless love of travel.

Discovering new cultures, different people and traditions, open our minds; the horizon widens and borders result undefined. I love the sea. I love watching the waves, the smell of the salt air, swimming, and sailing.

My experiences abroad have helped me to better understand different foreign mentalities. At present, I reason with a global vision, my mind is open to an experiment to a 360-degree level. Now, having fully lived, I have decided to piece together the pieces of this colourful puzzle: art, culture, fashion, literature, travel and above all LOVE. The togetherness of these ingredients have led me to create this wonderful dream: the realization of the most important day of our life, one in which we bless the person we love completely and FOREVER: the MARRIAGE.

Hence my choice to become an international wedding planner in Italy and abroad. Everything needs to be uniquely special to render this day unforgettable. There’s no greater reward than attending and participating in the great joy of newlyweds, you breathe LOVE in everything. The satisfaction is so great that it rewards every sacrifice.

I put passion and soul into everything I do and this goes straight to your hearts.