More Than Weddings | Marta e Cristiana: Italian Wedding Planner in Italy
Italian wedding planner team based in Italy for your special destination wedding in Italy near Venice, Verona, Treviso and Italian Lakes
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Marta & Cristiana



So different, yet so similar. Our differences compensate each other. We are each other’s soul mate. Cristiana’s precision, punctuality, and attention to the smallest of detail, and the passion, originality and the creativity of Marta, both make a perfect match.

Our strength is that together we can satisfy any kind of demand. Thanks to our know-how background and expertise from various sectors, we are able to offer a 360-degree experience, allowing you to live an exciting journey together. We constantly learn and improve. We give our passion for travel and foreign cultures that has enabled us to specialized in International weddings. We are members of AWP – Wedding Planner Association, with it’s headquarters in Milan, Italy. Additionally, We collaborate to organize weddings and events both in Italy and abroad which is made possible by our fluent English, German and French. Our work knows no boundaries.

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay”.
Cit. Dalai Lama

Born and raised in Lake Garda, the beautiful scenery which combines people and cultures from around the globe. I was brought up with tourism, which has opened my mind. I had the good fortune to compare myself with many international cultures, thus deepening my knowledge of foreign languages – my great passion.

“She who has never loved has never lived”.
Cit. John Gay

My name is Cristiana and I was born in the beautiful setting of Asolo, a charming medieval village in the province of Treviso. My profession has led me to know and live in the hills of the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Love brought me to Veneto and soon I’ll be moving to the romantic city of Venice.