More Than Weddings | Special Destination Wedding packages in Italy
Choose your special destination wedding package in Italy with full range of wedding services, from Venice to Verona, Lake Garda to Costiera Amalfitana; would it be civil, symbolic or catholic.
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Destination Wedding in Italy

    Italy is one of the most captivating countries in the world. Choose Italy as the location for your most beautiful day or to render unique any of life’s important occasions. A country rich in history, culture, art, tradition, unbeatable and breath-taking landscapes, enogastronomic culture, style, fashion, trend, and a global level of influential excellence.

    Think of the breath-taking views of the Amalfi Coast, the scent of the grape harvest in the Chianti hills, the medieval villages of Umbria, the blue sea of Sardinia, the olive trees surrounding Lake Garda, the love that reigns in Verona looking out from the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, and the uniqueness of Venice…Every corner, even the most remote village has its very own fascinating history. Each region offers culinary specialties, traditions and different characteristics, each different from the other.


    Your most wonderful day will have unparalleled finishing touches. That which gives added value to your wedding is the context of your presence, just one of a kind. Our passion and professionalism enable us to convey our culture and our in-depth knowledge of our lands. With us, you’ll have the fantastic opportunity to live an all-Italian experience, while still complying with your culture. More than Weddings was given life by a profound friendship between Marta and Cristiana. In common, we have our passion for beauty, fashion, attention to detail, and openness that comes from travel and experiences gained abroad. Our mission is to make your most beautiful day the most beautiful day of your life while fulfilling your wish to marry in an exclusive location – all surrounded by, and immersed in, Italian excellence.

    We work with a team of professional experts who are all driven by the same passion: to make your day unique and exceptional. Our partners have decades of experience in the industry and together with them we will propose only the best ideas for your event. This isn’t just a simple professional collaboration, yet a relationship of mutual trust that flourishes day by day. It is a continuous exchange of know-how, a common path, that allows us to continuously tap into new knowledge. Thanks to our journey, we have gained a high level of capacity in solving problems that in turn has enabled us to better manage the unexpected. Together with you we will be able to build a project, indulging your every desire while making proposals of the best choices so that everything will be just perfect.


    Our duty is to accompany you during your journey, tiptoeing, without being intrusive. Yet, you will always be calling the shots by participating in everything, proposing various solutions in line with your budget. On your Wedding day, your only thought will be to wear the dress. We’ll think of the rest. We will relieve you from any duty such as necessary paperwork. You won’t waste any unnecessary time in choosing partners or with any eventual budget savings. All you’ll do is enjoy the hype and arrive at the fateful day stress and anxiety free. On that day, all you will do is live every full minute as everything will be perfectly organized and coordinated. We will be there behind the scenes directing all the components like an orchestra conductor. We will make your day unique, original and memorable.