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Mi chiamo Cristiana, nata nella splendida cornice di Asolo, un delizioso borgo medievale nella provincia di Treviso. Il lavoro mi ha portato a conoscere e a vivere tra i colli della splendida campagna toscana. L'amore mi ha riportata in Veneto e tra poco mi trasferirò nella romantica Venezia.
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“Chi non ha mai amato, non ha mai vissuto”

My name is Cristiana and I was born in the beautiful setting of Asolo, a charming medieval village in the province of Treviso. My profession has led me to know and live in the hills of the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Love brought me to Veneto and soon I’ll be moving to the romantic city of Venice.

After studying the field of language studies and beginning a journey to become a lawyer, I realized that this was not my path. I sought from myself a more creative and emotional way to express myself.

I then embarked on an experience in the field of fashion, which lasted over 10 years, from which I earned valuable knowledge of both the commercial and technical aspects.

Constantly with the dream to creating something that would suit my needs and allow me to manage my time, free of obligations, I decided to start a new exciting journey in the “wedding and events” industry, with the status of international wedding planner.

Anyone who knows me and has worked with me, will confirm my organizational skills, precision and dedication to what I do. I always try to see things from different angles and this allows me to put myself very often in the shoes of those who relate to me, thus being able to better understand who I am dealing with.

During my professional career I have managed groups of professionals that have given me the chance to receive immense satisfaction at both human and interpersonal levels. I love my family, my two beautiful children and my husband. I love the winter mountains and the summer sea.

I’m a skipper and I adore sailing the seas of the Mediterranean. I have a great passion for travel. If I could, I would travel all year to discover new places and new cultures. The only downside…I hate unpacking!