More Than Weddings | Eventi aziendali
Il nostro team di esperti Event planners, organizza e gestisce qualsiasi tipo di evento aziendale, incentive e team building. Viaggi per premiare, comunicare, motivare e far sognare, ma anche per fidelizzare o allargare i propri confini.
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Our team of expert event planners organize and manage any type of corporate event including incentive and team building. Trips as rewards, to communicate, motivate and make dream, but also to build loyalty or broaden ones horizons.

Also, if you have important guests or customers to whom you want to make a wonderful gift, we offer the opportunity to choose from an endless variety of weekends: wine specialties to savour the Italian regional delicacies or even to taste wines or olive oil; culture and music evenings at the Arena di Verona or personalized tours of museums and cities. Your customers will be astonished and will look forward to visiting you again!

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